Kailida, To be the world’s leading intelligent extruder equipment.


Company Profile

Kailida, To be the world’s leading intelligent extruder equipment

KAILIDA EXTRUSION is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the independent research and development, design and manufacture of polymer material extrusion equipment, and has always been committed to promoting high-end extrusion equipment and continuous development of complete technical projects.

KAILIDA EXTRUSION has gathered a group of senior engineering and technical professionals and management personnel, with strong technological innovation capabilities, engineering planning and design, project consulting, complete equipment supply, on-site construction and technical training, etc. All-round technical strength and rich experience.

KAILIDA EXTRUSION holds a number of independent intellectual property rights, combines its own application technology research and development advantages and engineering practical experience, and continuously introduces new technologies and new products on the basis of mature polymer compounding and extrusion equipment, compounding, direct extrusion and special extrusion applications are in the leading position in the industry.


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Our Team

We have a professional technical team, installation and commissioning team, and after-sales service team to ensure the quality of the equipment, to satisfy customers, and to use it with confidence.


Our Equipment

Gear Machining Center
Gear Machining Center
Barrel Machining Center
Barrel Machining Center
Screw Elements Machining Center
Screw Elements Machining Center
Core Shaft Machining Center
Core Shaft Machining Center

Our History

Start of screw elements and barrel production
Start of core shaft production
Start of gearbox production
Start of twin screw extruder production & exporting equipment to the world
Started research and development of triple screw gearbox and triple screw extruder production
Continuous research and development of high torque twin screw extruder gearboxes
Developed a high torque triple screw extruder gearbox
Developed a high output underwater pelletizing system
Research and develop new products to improve equipment output and performance
Research and develop new water ring hot face and underwater pelletizing systems

Our Advantage

  • Introduce the characteristics of the product in detail, and clearly understand the production needs of customers;
  • According to the characteristics of processing materials and process formula, provide customers with optimal and practical equipment detailed specification;
  • The customer provides the materials, Kailida provides free trial service.
  • Provide relevant information such as public engineering conditions and installation layout drawings required by the complete set of units;
  • Provide the optimal screw combination and barrel arrangement according to the requirements of different material process formulas;
  • Communicate with customers on the progress of the project in time; Strictly follow the terms of the technical configuration, and ensure the delivery of equipment on time and with high quality.
  • Provide installation guidance, commissioning and personnel training for the customer’s on-site equipment; Establish detailed customer service files to ensure lifelong tracking service;
  • Guarantee the supply of spare parts for a long time; If there is a problem with the customer’s equipment, communicate by phone in time. If the phone can’t solve it, we will guarantee to arrive at the customer’s site within 48 hours in China; it will be determined according to the actual situation in foreign countries;
  • Institutionalize user return visits, even feedback equipment usage information; The equipment shall be guaranteed for free within one year, except for vulnerable parts and manual operation errors.

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