Experimental Research

Extruder for Experimental Research in Universities

Lab Twin Screw Extruder For Experimental Research The Kailida Company offers a range of CE compliant lab extruders for application in test laboratories, universities and research and development departments. Lab twin screw extruder offer flexible compounding configurations that can move you from small batches in lab scale production to pilot-scale production. Simulate production and optimize …

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Pet Recycled Materials

Compounding PET Recycled Materials

PET is one of the most used plastic packaging materials in the world.PET is 100% recyclable, over and over.Bottle-to-bottle recycling means more sustainable packaging. PET Recycled Materials PET, or PolyEthylene Terephthalate, is used to package 70% of carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, dilutable drinks and bottled water. Light, durable, safe and with a smaller carbon …

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Modified Engineering Plastics

Extruder for Engineering Plastics

Modified Engineering Plastics Modified engineering plastics is a industry field involving a wide range of fields, high technological content, and can create huge economic benefits. It improves the flame retardancy, impact resistance, strength and stretchability of plastics by adding suitable modifiers to the matrix of plastics and engineering plastics, and then processing and modifying them …

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Biodegradable Plastics

Biodegradable Compounding Extrusion

Biodegradable Plastics Compounding Biodegradable plastics are the best materials to replace traditional plastics. With the increasing concern of plastics pollution in the environment and tightened government regulation on single use plastic items, biodegradable plastics have seen dramatic growth. Biodegradable plastics are shear sensitive by nature and subject to hydrolysis like polyester. The efficient shear processing …

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Extruder for Additive Masterbatch

Additive Masterbatch An additive masterbatch is a concentrate in granule form for modifying thermoplastics. Additive masterbatches consist of one or more additives and a polymer-specific carrier resin. Kailida twin screw extruders (TSE Series) provides advanced pelletizing line for all kinds of additive masterbatch and we design the extruders for additive masterbatch, according to the output, …

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PVC compound

PVC Compounds for Sheathing & Insulation Wire and Cable

PVC Compounding Process The rigid PVC dry blend powder (called the Resin), which also contains other materials like stabilizers, additives, fillers, reinforcements, and flame retardants, must be intensively mixed in the compounding machinery. The dispersive and distributive mixing is critical, and all in compliance with well defined temperature limits. According to the formulation, the PVC …

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PET & PLA Sheet

PET & PLA Sheet Extrusion Line

What is the PLA/PLA Sheet ? Sheet Product Features Applications Kailida Extrusion Advantages PET Sheet Rigid, high transparency and glossiness. Packaging Extrusion equipped with special degassing system, so the crystallization-free and drying-free exhaust for PET sheet. Stable performance, not influenced by humidity. Good conduction properties. Folding box High torque, low speed, low energy consumption and …

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